If you are wanting to get your kids involved in solving real-world situational problems by applying the TEKS you are teaching, this site, a partner of ePals, is pretty phenomenal. Students can have their own accounts and it is free. Try it and see what you think :-)


What is Interrobang?
Interrobang is an exciting online, problem-solving game brought to you by Microsoft Partners in Learning. An interrobang is an actual punctuation mark that combines a question mark with an exclamation point. For Interrobang players, the question mark is the problem and the exclamation point is their solution. Each problem is presented as a "Mission" and players respond by creating solutions in the form of "Deeds."

As an ePals member, you have the unique opportunity to participate in Interrobang by doing a collaborative mission, one in which you present your solution by working with a student from another part of the world through the ePals Global Community.

My students have really solidified their learning when they have applied what I am teaching to solving or thinking about real-world concerns or situations