flag.jpg canada.gifflag.jpgCANADA
Our new friends are 2nd and 3rd grade students from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. Our first email from their teacher, Mrs. Ainsley Richardson, said that the temperature there was -45.3 degrees Fahrenheit!!!! And we thought our cold icy days off were chilly!!! We are excited to get to know our new E-Pals and share our experiences and learning with them! We can't wait to learn all about Canada and our new friends!
Here is a picture of the Winnipeg skyline! Isn't it beautiful?
February 21, 2011: I received another email getting us closer to meeting our friends in Winnipeg! Mrs. Richardson said that they had the "day off school today for a holiday called Louis Riel Day "Family Day"!" Amazing! What a concept, huh? The Brockstars are starting their "All About Me" glogs and are preparing to send our first blog messages to our new friends! This is an enormous opportunity for us to learn about another country, culture, habitat, and people with whom we may never have had a chance to learnabout if not for technology! We can't wait!!!